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Family raised from Costa Rica to the World


Happy, healthy and amazing looking pups

tAKE ME TO pups

At Waggi, we believe in conscious breeding, full of love, respect and family.



We are proud to share with you some of our responsible practices:

  • We carefully choose the parents of our litters, doing the appropriate health and genetics tests to guarantee the well being of the puppies.
  • Our dogs are 24/7 attended by ourselves and our nannies.
    Open spaces, clean outdoor and indoor areas, sharing with our family.
  • Specialized Vet team that looks after the breedings and general health of our dogs, being part of the whole process, sharing our values and mission.
  • Specialized equipment for the first steps of the babies, such as incubators, oxygen, nebulizer, aspirators, etc.
  • High quality nutrition and supplements. A diet high in protein for their optimal development and growth.
  • Breastfeeding and mommy time in a natural, responsible environment that promotes emotional health of the babies.
  • Our WAGGI mammas have a loving and caring life, pre and post babies, with a maximum of 3 litters according to vet recommendations and following a strict protocol of medical exams.

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